The new intriguing taste of purple

“IOVEM is an innovative and unique product, 6 elements hidden in 6000 years of history that spawn the new drink of the Gods”

The purple nectar, to drink blended


In 1958 The New York Times started to talk about Sour, cold cocktails, elegant, in which citric of lemon is balanced with white sugar.
In 1922 Robert Vermeire suggested that “few drops of egg white improve these drinks”. Bruno Vanzan sign with IOVEM the new recipe by the innovative, rich and balanced taste. These are the main characteristics of LAMPO SOUR.

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IOVEM MULE is the exclusive alternative to one of the more current fashionable cocktail , Moscow Mule. It was born in 1941 in America away from Russia and especially from cucumbers. A light, cold and refreshing cocktail. The ginger and lime make this drink .evident wherever.

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A cocktail with fullfilling taste, the sour of Tonic is secured by new extraordinary IOVEM’s spicy and fresh notes. Across the First World War was marketed the first drink with sweat-sour taste made by chinino called “tonic water”. The colour purple makes THUNDER TONIC unique and overwhelming like the force of nature.

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The story of how the Chinese invented an amazing drink fermenting the honey over 9000 years ago dates back to time immemorial, The most sophisticarted society known distillation later when the ancient chinese technique went through Silk Road.
The oldest discovery documents described an alcoholic ritual drink consumed during the holy days, probably “Ambrosia”, produced fermenting the honey, which was widely believed the drink of immortality of Gods. According to ancients Greeks and Romans the wine was also popular. According to Romans it was gave to humanity by Bacco, born of the crazy love of Jove, God of lightning, for the deadly Semole.
The wine was the most appreciated drink in the ancient World, it was revised in several recipes including a wine seasoned with honey, ginger and species.
The ginger originally from Southern Asia, was very popular both for its digestive, aphrodisiac, cleansing properties and for its spicy taste. The old ones were convinced that the use of this spice would help elevate soul through the deity.
The Greeks and Romans used wide of ginger and lemon, a fruit originally from Asia. Even if it was introduced reluctantly, the lemon became a sought and valuable fruit. Today all the elements of antiquity spawn IOVEM: must of grapes, honey, lemon, ginger and the colour purple. Purple represented higher posts in the society in the past and it was worn by statues of deities and emperors.
IOVEM is the symbol of a new story, rich of mistery and pleasure. The intense aroma and inspring flavors create a unique and unexpected experience of taste. A new way to having Italian drinks.